Return Policy and Sale Information

Return Policy and Sale Information

Return Policy and Sale Information for Kaitlyn’s Bunnies

1. General Care Information for Buyers

  • Any rabbit sold that is 2+ months old will be sent with transitioning feed.
  • Approximately 4 cups of rabbit feed that the young rabbit is used to eating will be sent to mix into the feed that the buyer plans to feed the rabbit. 
  • The buyer is aware that not mixing the feed provided properly can result in bloat or death in the young rabbit.
  • You, as the buyer, understand and agree that if the feed is not transitioned properly and the rabbit dies that it is not the breeder’s fault.
  • Any rabbit sold that is under the age of 4 months old is recommended by the breeder that you not give it vegetables.
  • You, as the buyer, agree that if the rabbit is given any type of vegetable/fruit and it makes the rabbit become sick that it is your responsibility to help the rabbit overcome the consequences and not the breeder.
2. The rabbit is the responsibility of the buyer once it leaves Kaitlyn's Bunnies possession. 

There will be no refunds for rabbits after they leave Kaitlyn's Bunnies due to the following reasons.

  • Not knowing what happened to the rabbit after it left Kaitlyn's Bunnies care.
  • Buyer drops rabbit before leaving the driveway (This can cause internal injuries to the rabbit).
  • Buyer feeds the rabbit something that it is not supposed to eat (This can cause bloat).
  • Buyer has another pet that kills the rabbit.
  • Additional Buyer Responsibilities
  • You as the buyer should look over the rabbit before purchasing to look for health issues or injuries.
  • The breeder will look over the rabbit to the best of their ability, but it is up to the buyer to look over the rabbit and decide if it is what they want to invest their money in.
  • The breeder will accept a rabbit back if the buyer changes their mind about it, but no refund will be issued.
3. Show Rabbits

  • Any rabbits sold by Kaitlyn's Bunnies as Show rabbits are show quality to the best of our knowledge. Any faults/disqualifications found by the buyer need to be addressed before the rabbit leaves Kaitlyn's Bunnies custody. 
  • If Disqualifications/Faults are found after the purchase it is up to the buyer to decide what to do with the rabbit. No refunds are available if the buyer did not look over the animal before purchasing.

****** CAGES ******

Cages sold will have a no return policy. We strive to make sturdy cages made to order. If there is an issue with your order that is seen at the time of the sale we will do our best to fix the issue. Once the cage is sold there will be no warranties or maintenance.