About Kaitlyn's Bunnies

The Forming of Kaitlyn's Bunnies

Thank you for visiting my website, kaitlynsbunnies.com

My name is Kaitlyn Stone and I have been raising rabbits since about 2008. I started with mixed breed rabbits for meat purposes and then eventually bought purebred New Zealands. I raised New Zealands, Californians, and various mixed breeds up until 2017.

Starting in 2017 I bought my first four Dutch rabbits because Dutch are my favorite breed. The Dutch were something I really wanted to expand so I started looking for a show quality Dutch buck. I found one in South Carolina at a rabbit show and that is where it all began. I knew after going to pick the buck up from the show I wanted to breed show rabbits. I not only came home with the Dutch buck that day but I also brought home a beautiful trio of English Spots.

2019 was the year to breed for a show quality Dutch to take to the show in January of 2020 so I read my Standard of Perfection book over and over to learn the common disqualifications of the Dutch and English Spot breed so my rabbits had the best chance on the table. In 2020, I attended my first rabbit show as an exhibitor with a couple of Dutch and English Spots. It was very fun and ever since, I have been attending all of the local shows and quite a few out of state shows.

I now show primarily Dutch, English Spots, Polish, and Cinnamons along with two to four other breeds at times. I strive to produce high quality rabbits with good temperaments. I will continue to breed rabbits up to the Standard of Perfection to the best of my ability and hope to run additional breeds through my barn in the future. At this time, I raise rabbits for meat, show, pelts, and occasionally pets.